Dog Training

Dog Training for Breeds and Ages

All dogs can learn new tricks, regardless of their age. With the right techniques and some patience, any dog can be taught a variety of skills. At D&S Kennels, we realize that not every owner has the time and energy to properly train a dog. Training requires both a time commitment and consistency, which can be difficult to achieve with a busy, hectic lifestyle. That is why we provide professional dog training in Bloomfield, New Mexico, as well as boarding services. For your convenience, training is available at our facility or in the comfort of your own home.

Bring Your Pet to Our Dog Trainers for Obedience Education

Obedience skill training is a great way to make your furry friend and yourself happier. We have extensive experience in teaching basic commands every canine should know. By the end of our obedience training, your dog will be better behaved and more confident, allowing both you and your pet to enjoy time together without constant behavior corrections. You also do not have to worry about controlling your dog to prevent embarrassing and even scary situations.

We work hard with you and your canine to ensure your pet learns all the commands you want taught. Just let us know what kind of skills and behaviors you want your dog to learn or unlearn and we will implement an effective training program.

Professional Bird Dog Training Available for Hunters

Hunting with your dog is a rewarding experience, but it requires extensive training to be safe and effective. Not only must the dog learn advanced skills for waterfowl hunting, upland hunting, but also they must be experts at obedience commands. Bird dog training is available for anyone who does not have the time or appropriate skills to teach their canine.

Regardless of how much experience your dog already has,we can work with him or her. We teach everything from basic hunting skills to advanced levels. To discuss your canine’s particular needs and learn what we have to offer, reach out to us for a free consultation.

Come and See the D&S Kennels Difference

We love to show off our facilities and services to pet owners and their animals. You are welcome to explore and ask as many questions as you need to see why so many dog lovers trust us with their pets’ training.